Bathroom Renovation Ergonomics for Seniors

Over the last few years Nauset Kitchens has seen an increase in bathroom remodeling with the Cape’s senior demographic. Many of these folks are living longer and opting to staying in there homes instead of assisted living . There are a few critical design considerations that should not be overlooked . Instead of your standard 30″ deep shower , use 36″ to give you that extra depth to maneuver . Make sure the shower walls have enough blocking so that when your installing grab bars they are secure and at heights that are user friendly. Thresholds should be no more than 3″ to 4″ in height for ease of getting in and out of the shower. Also your vanity cabinetry should be made at kitchen cabinet height of 34.75″ . These few design concepts if implemented will make it much easier to navigate your bathroom , giving our seniors the pride and dignity they deserve.